Friends of 90by30 raises funds and awareness for 90by30’s goal to reduce rates of abuse and neglect in Lane County 90% by the year 2030 through the implementation of proven prevention strategies.
Help 90by30 make Lane County a safe and supportive place for every child!


The 90by30 Initiative is:

  • Community-led by seven regional leadership teams across Lane County, spanning urban and rural areas

  • Research-backed and housed within the University of Oregon College of Education's Center for the Prevention of Abuse and Neglect (CPAN)

  • Focused on implementing proven prevention strategies that have been successful across the world, but largely never done before in the U.S.

Featured Strategy: Welcome Baby Bundle

This gift to the newest members of the South, West, East, and  North Lane communities provides carefully selected items, as well as a binder with local resources – all delivered by a caring community member. A safety kit, a book and toy, organic clothing, a handmade “tummy time” quilt, and a hand-knitted infant cap are just some of the items in the Welcome Baby Bundle.


Also included is the Period of PURPLE Crying, a training program shown to reduce Shaken Baby Syndrome by normalizing the intense crying experienced by some babies. The Bundle not only offers concrete resources but connects families with neighbors who can provide a support system for new parents.

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